Photo of Jason A. Jason A – Portland
Affordable laundromat AND full size deli + great selection of beverages + bakery + Internet cafe + free wifi for your mobile while you wait = can’t beat that kind of amenities while waiting for your laundry to finish. I came to wash my heavy duty comforter that doesn’t normally fit in a regular washer, first step through the door I was greeted by the nicest lady and was very helpful throughout the whole time I was there. Will definitely come back for my  next ‘heavy’ laundry needs.

Photo of Erin N. Erin N. – Portland
Since my property management company hasn’t fixed our dryer in over 3 weeks, I had to hoof it to the E-mat to do some laundry.  Place is clean and reasonably priced- though the wash facilities are tightly packed.

Had me a Spicy Eliot sandwich while the clothes went round and round and round.  The sub wasn’t exactly spicy, but it was pretty tasty.  Bread was top notch, all the fixins were up to par.

Other than the fact that it is a bit of a hike from my place, this is a great place to do laundry and keep yourself occupied (be it by book, television, internet or sandwich).

Photo of Lorri E. Lorrie E. – Portland
Now THIS is a neighborhood place.  And, as it is in my neighborhood, I am delighted to be the first reviewer.  While I would normally give them 3 stars for the food, I bump them up a star for being a neighborhood staple, and for their prices.
An odd deli sandwich/laundromat/convenience mart combo, the Eliot eMat is known in our ‘hood for having great sub sandwiches…cheap. “Eliot’s Famous Subs”, reads the sign hanging outside: the bread is fresh, and they load them up with meat and toppings.  Just grab a bag of chips and bottled water or soda, and either you’re on your way…or stay for a while, get a cup of coffee, and do your laundry, or surf the net:  the e-Mat also offers public internet access, and video rentals.
Photo of Mel E. Mel E. – Portland
This place is unlike any of the laundromats I’ve been to. Check out the walls covered in a rich red paint. Sample some of the homemade desserts. Use the wireless Internet. And, if you’re hamper is starting to wreak, this is the place to do your laundry. the E-Mat is a much more comfortable place to sit around and wait for the dryer to beep.
It can be hectic if you come at the wrong time. Friday evenings and Sunday evenings tended to be slow when I went.

I agree with the previous Yelper, that this is a lovable neighborhood place.

Iain M.
Driving by, everything was against my stopping at the Eliot E-Mat Cafe – I was going in the wrong direction, parking is on-street – I couldn’t see inside.  But the sign said “Famous Subs,” and I’m always up for that; problem is, FINDING one.  Since V-Mak’s went out of business in the 70’s, great subs are few and far between.

No more!  Eliot E-Mat Cafe makes GREAT SUBS.  Seriously fresh french baguette with all the best cold cuts, light on the garden, and all served with a smile by [Lecia] (sp?) on this particular day.  I only give it four stars because I would like to have dined in but really didn’t see a place to do so, and they feature Pepsi products instead of Coke – but that’s MY problem.  If a subjective recommendation means anything, then I recommend this place – regardless, I’ll be making this a regular.

Tall C. – Portland
I echo Iain’s sentiments that this Cafe/Deli has the freshest tasting subs for the right price ($5.50) and exceptional service.  I always go for the Tunafish sandwich that has an herb added (basil?) that gives it so much more umph!  …luv that. They have a nice selection of sliced desserts too (cheesecake, pecan pie, carrot cake, etc).

In this day of food carts gone crazy (crazy with prices too), E-Mat keeps me from spending too much when i dont get a chance to make my own lunch for work.  The service is exceptional. Best part about it is, it’s a block away from my job.

I’m not a coffee/espresso drinker, so I can’t give them a rating on that, but $6 WILL fill you up here…how many carts can say that?

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